Jean Littlejohn

photo of Jean Littlejohn

Jean teaches, lectures and exhibits her work in the UK and overseas. She writes and publishes books with colleague Jan Beaney with their company Double Trouble. Jeans works reflect a continuing fascination with pathways and journeys, routines and rhythms and traditional patterns of worn carpets. Her surfaces describe echoes from the past, layers of life and experience and aspects of decay. Some pieces look close to home for their inspiration and celebrate the beauty in humble things, an everyday journey to the shops, a walk across the park or a pathway to the station. Each day there will be small differences that hint at the lives of the people who use them. The worn surfaces of a zebra crossing have inspired a series of open lace-like pieces. The fragility of the works hint at the impermanence of human presence. The most recent pieces refer to a part of the Dorset coast that is slowly and surely eroding into the sea. As it does it reveals fossil forms that acknowledge ancient times. This has lead to the exploration of notions concerning revealing and concealing. The techniques and materials vary depending on the inspiration for the work but they always involve stitch by hand and or machine and often the use of the needle punch machine to combine and integrate surfaces.